Sound reflecting and absorbing barriers

Van Campen Projectmanagement is a specialist in the field of durable soundproof and absorbent screens and products. The company and its long-time, trusted partners have a great deal of experience in soundproofing facilities and products which need to comply with European requirements, legal regulations and guidelines, applicable to the Dutch market.

In the Netherlands, sound barriers are mainly used for rail and heavy road traffic. A distinction can be made here between reflective and absorbing barriers. Van Campen Projectmanagements strength lies in both the design and production of both types of screens.

Sound barrier - steel and aluminium construction
Sound absorbing barrier
Sound absorbing train platform

The greatest benefits arise from the use of prefabricated custom-made screens. Significant cost reductions can be realised with the prefabrication of these custom screens. Significant cost reductions can be realised with the prefabrication of these custom screens. After all, road and traffic measures are reduced and assembly time on site is shortened.

Sound absorbing barriers

Also, advanced solar panels can also be used in our aluminium and plastic screens, thereby realising an effective return on investment. In doing so, we also meet the need to for alternative energy sources, becoming less dependent on fossil fuels. Because our company prefers using sustainable materials that can easily be part of the recycling chain, especially aluminium and plastic, a fair contribution can be made to the societal and environmental requirements.

Regarding repair and maintenance, Van Campen Projectmanagement can of course also provide you with the information and service required. Many projects have been purchased by our relations in the past, whereby we and our partners can provide you with the knowledge about the necessary materials that have been used in the past, as well as the specialised knowledge for repair and maintenance.





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